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Fiber Optics : Supply & Services

  1. ETISALAT, Abu Dhabi: The fiber optic lighting for the ETISALAT Head office DOME was done by Abu Bader in co-operation with its principal. It was first time we introduced the fiber lighting concept in UAE.
  2. ADMA OPCO, Das Island: Abu Bader was involved in Engineering, Designing, Supplying, Installing, Commissioning of the CCTV system through single mode fiber Optic Equipments. This project was for monitoring of Coanda/Inshore Flare Flames. Abu Bader successfully completed this project and the system was praised in ADMA’s monthly news bulletin.
  3. ADMA OPCO, Das Island: Supply, installation and Commissioning of high temperature and chemical resistant cable for both on-shore use and offshore super complexes (Das Island, Umm Shaif and Zakum West). The system uses single core unidirectional BUS to transmit all DCS, signals around complexes. Total run of cable approx. 14 km.
  4. Maersk Oil Qatar: Abu Bader successfully carried out the installation, testing & documentation for fiber Optic cable which was used in Al Shaheen Field Development offshore project.
  5. NPCC, Abu Dhabi: Abu Bader successfully carried out projects related to Supply & Services of fiber Optic cable (i.e. Training, Splicing, Termination, and Testing of fiber Optic Cables) at ONSHORE & OFFSHORE... Projects executed with NPCC.

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  6. ADGAS, Das Island Abu Dhabi: Design, supply, installation of ESD and voice transmission system, including self recoiling fiber optic flexible link for LNG ships loading at DAS Island. The transmission system includes tension-monitoring systems for ships alongside whist loading LNG, along with ship shore telecommunications, ship international telephone network and ESD from ship to shore and shore to ship.
  7. Sharjah Electricity & Water Authority (SEWA): Supply & Installation of 50 km fiber Optic route along side 30 inch gas pipe across desert with supply, commissioning and integration of 2Mbps SCADA and communications system. Cable used was 6-core single mode with selected fiber for low attenuation.
  8. Van Ommeran Tank Terminal, Fujairah: Supply, Installation & Commissioning of CCTV system through fiber optic equipment. The control room from remote monitoring area is around 2.5 km, which is monitored through single mode fiber Optic transmission equipment.


ABU BADER holds the following equipments for their UAE/Middle East Operations.

Item Number: Description Model No No of Sets Manufacturer Origin
1 (Sumitomo) Fibre optic fusion splicing machine, fully automatic. Serial No: 2793 Type-36 1 No Japan
2 (Fujikura) Fiber Optic Fusion Splicing Machine, Serial No: 5117 FSM-15S 1 No Japan
3 Fiber optic cleaver FCP-22 2 Nos. Japan
4 Electronic Cleaver FK 11 1 No UK
5 (Aligent HP) OTDR Instrument E6000A 2 Nos. USA
6 (Aligent) Single-mode module (OTDR)   1 No. USA
7 (Aligent) Multimode module (OTDR) Serial No: 3617G00560   1 No. USA
8 Kingfisher Light Source for Single mode KI8000 1 No. Australia
9 Kingfisher Light Source for Multimode KI6000 1 No. Australia
10 Kingfisher Power Meter for Single mode & Multimode KI7600-Ge 1 No. Australia
11 Kingfisher Fiber Optic Talk Sets KEGI 8058 1 Set Austria
12 General Hand tools: Fiber Strippers, Fiber Loose Tube Cutter Fiber Cable Stripper, Fiber Cable Cutter Elastomeric, Alcohol Swaps Various 2 Sets UK